July 2021

  • Explore the idea where we set up a treasury where people can delegate to that will be automatically assigned to pools that are in need of delegation using smart contracts

    Jul 1st

June 2021

  • Create a validation page for stake pool members of the alliance to check for missing info

    Jun 1st
  • Maintain Armada Alliance Official ARM-based static build using GitHub Actions and put people on a mailinglist for new releases (including pre-releases)

    Jun 1st
  • Release a YouTube video on how to setup a cardano node + cli & quick db sync with Docker in under 30 minutes

    Jun 1st
  • Explore utility tokens for delegators of our community

    Jun 1st
  • Mint specials tokens for delegators of our community

    Jun 1st
  • Simplify the registration process for new stake pools, most data already comes from metadata & extended metadata

    Jun 1st
  • Support metrics endpoint for stake pools that will expose basic metrics that can be shown on the website

    Jun 1st

April 2021

  • Launch first version of the website

    Apr 30th
  • Create a repository where people can register

    Apr 18th