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One of the initial goals of PGWAD pool was to create educational videos on blockchain and AI. As part of that several videos on the project DeepchainADA was published in the Youtube channel. Taking a step further I decided to start a full series dedicated to basics of blockchain and AI. This is mainly to help participants become active developers in either or both fields. There are already several channels talking about this and why should I repeat it? The answer is that many of the videos are a bit dated and many times people find it difficult to understand and follow the topics. Sometimes the flow is missed when dodging the video playlists. Also blockchain like Cardano is fun to learn.
A right mix of balance is needed when both fields are in focus. Hence the video series will try to tackle these challenges. Another important point is that certain knowledge of mathematics is required. However the videos will cover all that. In short the goal of this is that you will be able to write an AI agent and or smart contracts with Plutus. Also if someone wants to learn on blockchain or only AI then that should also be possible. Once SingularityNet becomes available on Cardano you will be able to try out this also.


Part 1 Blockchain
  • Blockchain Basics and Why Cardano 2 hours
  • DeepDive in Cardano (Networking and Ouroboros) 6 hours
  • Smart contract basics and Plutus Basics 6 hours {Recap of Plutus Pioneer. Participants expected to watch the Plutus Pioneer}
  • Blockchain Sustainability 2 hours
  • Advanced Topics like Hydra TBD
Part 2a: ML
  • Machine learning Math 4 hours
  • Machine learning basics 15 hours
  • Neural Networks and Deeplearning 12 hours
  • Advanced topics 15 Hours
Part 2b: SingularityNet
  • Interfacing AI agent 3 hours
  • Introduction Opencog hyperon 3 hours
Part 3: Practical. At appropriate stages in part 1 and Part2.
  • Plutus modules for DeepchainAda
  • Pytorch and Pysyft
  • SingulartyNet and NuNET adaptors
  • HW boards like Raspi and Jetson Nano will be used. Not mandatory.

Reference materials

I will be creating slides which will be shared after every important milestone. I will upload all necessary code for practicals in github. On need basis I will have live sessions for any questions that may arise. Will try and ensure 2 way communication to give better experience to participants. I will have some challenge questions and will donate HW (Raspi and Jetson) to few lucky participants who solve it. I will also share additional reading/watching materials and will be available for discussion if there are doubts in that. As I said I dont want to dump the videos. I will also explore google classroom if the class strength increases.

Cost of the course

Free! Yes, IOHK and many great universities and professors have provided knowledge for free. So there will be no fee. So how will i fund these videos and HW? This course will run with profits from PGWAD pool (if i get enough stakes) else it will come from my pockets. I have earmarked some budget for this. Ofourse if you own ADA then please consider staking to PGWAD pool.

Start of the course

The course will start around 1st week of Sep.
To find the details of the topics please watch the video
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