Armada Alliance

The Armada alliance was formed in hope to build a sustainable community of decentralized, low-cost, and energy-efficient stake pool operations on the Cardano blockchain 🌍🌿 All Stake Pools in this alliance run on reliable low power consuming ARM and RISC-V servers, globally distributed, with an average pool energy consumption of 60 Watts💡

Live stats

An alliance of independent stake pool operators

38 stake pools operated across 19 different countries 🌍

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Why Delegate

Independent pools with one mission

The Armada Alliance was formed with a single mission in mind, achieving true decentralization on the Cardano blockchain. We will do our part to accomplish this goal by aiding in the creation of many independent, eco-friendly, ARM and RISC-V based stake pools around the globe.


All Stake Pools in this alliance run on low power consuming ARM or RISC-V machines with an average pool energy consumption of 60 Watts💡

True Decentralization

All independently owned stake pools ran by single pool operators. We work together to provide optimal rewards, education, and decentralization of hardware

Community Support

We offer high quality support, educational content, and tools for both our stake pool operators and delegators. With many forms of communication channels, tutorials, and personal SPO sessions as needed.

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Armada Alliance