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Resource Requirements

This page will consist of hardware necessary for running a stake pool or relay node on the cardano blockchain for both testnet and mainnet use.

As of October 2022 the cardano-node/cli software requirements are:


The RAM, CPU, and Data Storage resource requirements are much higher for mainnet vs testnet. If you decide to use a Raspberry Pi 4 or any other single board computer with limited RAM on mainnet you will experience downtime due to things like garbage collection or end of epoch calculations and need to monitor your node frequently to restart it once it hits its limits.


CPURAMDisk Space/Storage
2 or more cores4GB or more75GB or more


CPURAMDisk Space/Storage
4 or more cores16GB or more150GB or more

Hardware Recommendation List

NameMainnet useTestnet useLink
Mac Mini M1 16 GB RAMYESYESLink
Mac Mini M1 8 GB RAMNOYESLink
Honeycomb LX2 up to 64 GB RAMYESYESLink
Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAMNOYESLink
Rock5 Model B 16GB RAMYESYESLink
Edge2 Pro: 16GB 64-bit 2112MHz LPDDR4X + 64GB eMMC 5.1YESYESLink