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Run a Cardano Node in a Docker container

Why using docker image to run a Cardano node?

The elegant aspect about deploying a Cardano node as a Docker image is that it can be installed seamlessly and launched out of the box. If you ever decide to remove it, you only have to delete one file - the image. Another advantage is that the created image can run on any operating system where Docker is installed. Using Docker reduces the complexity and effort of setting up a Cardano node compared to the traditional way (for example, you don't have to deal with systemd settings).
The docker image includes all necessary tools to run and monitor a Cardano node:
  1. cardano-node & cardano-cli v1.34.1 - Cardano binaries to run the node (Download compiled binaries from Armada Alliance GitHub)
  2. gLiveView - Monitoring tool for the Cardano node
  3. ScheduledBlocks - Tool to query the scheduled slots for a block production node. (Credits for this tool goes to SNAKE POOL)
  4. Cardano Submit Transaction API - API to connect with a Cardano wallet (e.g. Nami) to send transactions via your own full node
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