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STOIC Pool is an Eco-Friendly Pool running out of London in the UK off 100% Solar Power!
We have a small YouTube cahnnel where we share updates on the Pool every Epoch to keep delegators up to date with the pool performance, and we also share tutorials on tools in the Cardano Ecosystem.
STOIC is currently working on a top secret Catalyst proposal which will be applying for funding in the coming weeks for Fund 7.
The proposal wll be based on creating real world utility for the Cardano Blockchain beyond DeFi and NFTs!

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Quality Report

Rule 1: Pool should have at least one SPO
Rule 2: Member must be a Single Pool Operator
Rule 3: Every SPO should have a Telegram handle
Rule 4: Pool should have an image
Rule 5: Pool is recommended to have at least 2 relays
Rule 6: Pool should have their nodes defined
Rule 7: Pool should have at least one node running on ARM
Rule 8: Pool is recommended to completely run on ARM devices

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