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RISC-V ISA powered Stake Pool

Stake Pool Hardware

RV64 is the first RISC-V ISA powered cardano stake pool.
RISC-V (pronounced "risk-five") is an open standard instruction set architecture (ISA) based on established reduced instruction set computer (RISC) principles. The RISC-V ISA is provided under open source licenses that do not require fees to use.
RV64 consist of 4 SiFive Unmatched computers running Ubuntu Linux, the servers have a quad core SiFive Freedom U740 SoC superscalar RISC-V CPU @1.4GHz, 16GB RAM and 500GB SSD. All servers have two Gigabit network interfaces. The pool is connected to the internet using 1Gbps up and downstream primary connection and a fallback connection over 4G/LTE. RaspberryPIs is used for console, metrics and alerting. The 1000VA UPS can run the complete stakepool for about 1 hour and 30 minutes as it just uses 100W.

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Quality Report

Rule 1: Pool should have at least one SPO
Rule 2: Member must be a Single Pool Operator
Rule 3: Every SPO should have a Telegram handle
Rule 4: Pool should have an image
Rule 5: Pool is recommended to have at least 2 relays
Rule 6: Pool should have their nodes defined
Rule 7: Pool should have at least one node running on ARM
Rule 8: Pool is recommended to completely run on ARM devices

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