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Dream the impossible dream like Quixote! Support Tech Projects in La Mancha, one of the most under-developed Regions in Europe

About Us

It is a Project that promotes the use and development of the Cardano Project and reverts all the technological and economic benefits of the Quixote Pool to other technological development venues. Our intentions are clear:
  • Encourage the creation of local and regional technological projects
  • Assist in the Decentralization of the Cardano network
  • Democratize technology and use of Cardano and ADA


  • Our aim is to support Startups or Technological Projects without financial means but with very good ideas and a desire to work.
  • We help the technological and economic development of the Castilla-La Mancha Region, one of the least developed in all of Europe.
  • We want to create synergies with technological entrepreneurs, we are convinced that it is one of the best ways to move towards a better world.
  • We support the Cardano Project, its development and distribution. Among our missions is to get businesses and companies, both physical and online, to enable payment gateways with ADA.
  • We are carrying out this project with three pillars that help the democratization of technology, decentralization and development: LOW COST + EFFICIENCY + TECHNOLOGY

Our Mission

  • Invest the profits in initial Projects or Technology startups (Drones, IT, Software, Blockchain…).
  • Publicize and Democratize the Cardano Project, acting as technological translators.
  • Get companies and businesses to enable the possibility of payment with ADA.

Stake Pool Hardware

At the moment, we are using three Relays (one is hidden to avoid DDoS), one Block Producer and one Monitor, all of them are based on Raspberry 4 using SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB and SanDisk SD 128GB. We have to maintain the network and its security, a Linux Router with 600MB FTTX symmetric connection and a 4G failover connection. Last but not least, we also have a big UPS to power supply failover. Right now we are working to add a Block Producer Failover system.

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Pool Stats

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Quality Report

Rule 1: Pool should have at least one SPO
Rule 2: Member must be a Single Pool Operator
Rule 3: Every SPO should have a Telegram handle
Rule 4: Pool should have an image
Rule 5: Pool is recommended to have at least 2 relays
Rule 6: Pool should have their nodes defined
Rule 7: Pool should have at least one node running on ARM
Rule 8: Pool is recommended to completely run on ARM devices

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