Stake PoolVELA Pool

Energy-efficient stake pool to sail to your finance freedom 🌱,, decentralizing the network using Raspberry Pi's 🍓.

About Us

It is a Project to participate in the Cardano network and provide a sustainable finance network and teach people how to invest in deflationary assets and protect them from inflation. There are some goals that are in the plan like:
  • Teach people some basics in economics and finance for their future planning
  • Help kids in need to access to some elements like a Pi to learn some basics in coding and electronics
  • Evangelize in the use of Cardano and ADA


  • We will always act in the delegator’s best interest helping them and keeping the pool up to date and running.
  • We will never increase the margin from 1% that is to help to finance the future goals.
  • We will always pursue the pool´s sustainability running at a lower cost with the most efficient ARM technology.
  • We want to create synergies with some non-profit foundations to help kids in need access to some coding and electronics training.
  • We support the Cardano Project and participate in the network is the main goal to help in the finance system decentralization.

Our Mission

  • Help people to access some base finance knowledge and plan their future retirement.
  • Introduce kids to coding and electronics.
  • Evangelize regarding the Cardano Project and help people to invest in it.

Stake Pool Hardware

We are using two Relays, one Block Producer, and one Monitor, all of them are based on Raspberry 4 using Samsung SSD 250GB and SanDisk SD 32GB. We have a VLAN in the administrated switch so the Block Producers only connect to the relays so the core is totally isolated from the internet. The future project is to add Solar Panels and a Wind Generator to run 100% with green power.

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Pool Stats

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Quality Report

Rule 1: Pool should have at least one SPO
Rule 2: Member must be a Single Pool Operator
Rule 3: Every SPO should have a Telegram handle
Rule 4: Pool should have an image
Rule 5: Pool is recommended to have at least 2 relays
Rule 6: Pool should have their nodes defined
Rule 7: Pool should have at least one node running on ARM
Rule 8: Pool is recommended to completely run on ARM devices

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