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Fully ARMed
Founder, SPO
Hi, I am Wael Ivie, my partner Tony and I run stake pool. I am the one of the founders of the Armada Alliance and love to share our passion for open-source hardware/software, blockchain technology like Cardano, and low-cost energy efficient computers like the Raspberry Pi. Part of my mission with blockchain technology and Cardano is to help bring about a true change in the way the world's industries and society operate by advocating for true decentralization and sustainability.
Cardano is a very unique blockchain because it choose a more difficult path by focusing on truly decentralizing the way the world financial systems and governance operate. Cardano is a blockchain that is not only a platform for the creation of new digital assets but also a platform for the creation of new digital services like project Catalyst. By focusing on scalability, governance, community, and decentralization, Cardano has a community like no other blockchain.
ARMing Cardano
Some more about me and projects I am involved with:
Armada Alliance Tutorials: Cardano Stake Pool Tutorial)
Fund 6 Project Catalyst proposal: Cardano-Heartbeat (CEM) 💞
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