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Download & Flash

Flash Image

Download, install & open Raspberry Pi Imager. Plug in your target USB drive.

Ubuntu users can download and install with snapd.

>_ Terminal
sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install rpi-imager

Older models of the Pi4B 8GB need to have their boot loader updated to boot from USB. If your image won't boot remove the USB3 drive and use rpi-imager to flash Pi 4 EEPROM boot recovery to an sd card.

Plug the Pi into a monitor, insert the sd card and power up. Once you see a green screen you should be good to boot from your USB3 drive. Newer versions are shipping with a USB boot capable boot loader. Feeling lucky?

Choose OS -> Misc utility images -> Bootloader -> USB Boot

Obtain Pi-Node.img.gz file

Download Pi-Node

Within Raspberry Pi Imager

Choose OS -> Use custom

Locate the .img.gz file you downloaded & wish to flash.

Locate your target drive & write it to disk.